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Summer Breeze Collection by Anubis360!
Sims 3 dress, fashion, female, clothing, shoes, flats, necklace

Fashion: / clothing

Minimalist Superheroes Posters - by Juliana!
Sims 3 posters, paintings, decor, objects
1964 Chevrolet Impala SS by Fresh Prince Creations!
Sims 3 car, auto, automobile, vehicle

Objects: / cars

Shoes with bows by glaza!
Sims 3 shoes, high heels, fashion, female

Fashion: / shoes

Walls by Granny Zaza!
Sims 3 patterns

Objects: / pattern

New eyes by Navi!
Sims 3 contact lenses, costume makeup, eyes, female
Sims 3 eyebrows, brows, genetics, male
Living room Rococo by Astra!
Sims 3 livingroom, furniture, objects, set, decorative, buy, mode
Rústico diningroom set by Kardofe!
Sims 3 diningroom, furniture, objects, decor
Residential lot by Isor!
Sims 3 residential, lot, building, house
Little flower dress by AlgA!
Sims 3 dress, fashion, female, clothing

Fashion: / clothing

Outset Hazienda by bobo!
Sims 3 outdoor, furniture, objects, decor
EMMIE PÄRLA by Waterwoman!
Sims 3 rugs, decor, objects

Objects: / buy / rugs

"Sunny Summer" - Summer dress by D3N1ZFTW!
Sims 3 dress, fashion, female, clothing

Fashion: / clothing

Ripped Off - Jeans for Men by omegastarr82!
Sims 3 jeans, shorts, clothing, male

Fashion: / clothing

Lace bracelet by altea127!
Sims 3 bracelet, accessories, jewelry, female
Miss American Dream Dress by Cleotopia!
Sims 3 dress, fashion, female, clothing

Fashion: / clothing

Meet The Monster Teen by miraminkova!
Sims 3 outfit, clothing, fashion, female

Fashion: / clothing

Suit Up by ILikeMusic640!
Sims 3 male, clothing, outfit

Fashion: / clothing

Crystal Flower Necklace by Pralinesims!
Sims 3 necklace, accessories, jewelry, female
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