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Little summer pose set by OfElena!
Sims 3 poses, custom
LONDON-2012 t-shirts (male and female) by Clio!
Sims 3 top, outfit, clothing, casual, female, male

Fashion: / clothing

Pose Pack no. 5 by Blakc!
Sims 3 poses, custom
Gum Shoes on a hell by Irinka!
Sims 3 shoes, high heels, boots, fashion, female

Fashion: / shoes

TV Antennas for roof by Severinka!
Sims 3 antenna, TV, objects
36 Dinner Plate Default Replacements by NewOne!
Sims 3 plate, decor, objects, kitchen, dinner
Residential lot at Simcasa!
Sims 3 residential, lot, building, house
Traviada Window Set by bobo!
Sims 3 windows, build, objecs
Lip Balm Peony by Glaza!
Sims 3 gloss, lips, lipgloss, female, makeup
Elegant earrings with a diamond by Glaza!
Sims 3 earrings, jewelry, female, accessories
Residential lot by Isor!
Sims 3 residential, lot, building, house
Nina by Levitas!
Sims 3 sims, female

Fashion: / sims

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