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Betty by AN98
Sims 3 sim, sims, model, sims3, female

Fashion: / sims

Christmas table clothes by Inna Lisa
Sims 3 table, cloth, objects, decor
Cashmere coat by Bukovka
Sims 3 coat, males, clothes

Fashion: / clothing

Lace pants by Jenni Sims
Sims 3 lace, pants, bottoms

Fashion: / clothing

Seasons Outerwear, new and enabled by By Cloudwalker Sims
Sims 3 outwear, outfit, clothing

Fashion: / clothing

Oasis dress by Irida
Sims 3 dress, cloth, clothing, fashion

Fashion: / clothing

Storage Units by Bloom
Sims 3 storage, shelves, objects
Off Shoulder Sweater Dress by NY Girl
Sims 3 dress, cloth, clothing, fashion

Fashion: / clothing

Stockings 01 by Irinka
Sims 3 accessory, tights, stockings
2 Newsea hairstyle updated by Justin 58
Sims 3 hair, hairstyle, sims3, female, retexture
Outerwear skirt by Ole Smit
Sims 3 skirt, skirts, bottom, clothing

Fashion: / clothing

Trembling Gloss Lip by Tsminh 3
Sims 3 lip, lipstick, makeup, glosss, balm
Dress by Aen
Sims 3 dress, cloth, clothing, fashion

Fashion: / clothing

Real Moon Default Replacement BRIGHTER by Buhudain
Sims 3 moon, default, replacement
Norwegian Pullover recolor by Sheela
Sims 3 pullover, top, clothing


Bathroom free No.2 by Bobo
Sims 3 bath, bathroom, set, furniture
Vera Planter by Fanny
Sims 3 planter, decor, objects
Cottage Edward Bella Breaking Dawn Part 2 by soniaslayers
Sims 3 house, lot, residential
Hair 069 by Skysims
Sims 3 hair, hairstyle, sims3, female

Fashion: / hair

Holiday Yard Train Set by DOT
Sims 3 train, toys, objects
Toddler Outdoor Coat by ShakeProductions
Sims 3 coat, fashion, clothes

Fashion: / clothing

Flora Blusher by Pralinesims
Sims 3 blush, makeup, foundation
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