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Black leather dress by Irida
Sims 3 outfit, fashion, clothing, female, dress, casual

Fashion: / clothing

New shoes by altea127
Sims 3 shoes, high heels, fashion, female

Fashion: / shoes

UNIF Cross Trainer Sneakers by JS Sims3
Sims 3 shoes, sneakers, fashion, female

Fashion: / shoes

Diningroom set at Arte della Vita
Sims 3 diningroom, furniture, objects, decor
New paintings by Yarona
Sims 3 paintings, decorative, objects
YU150 Kate hairstyle by Newsea
Sims 3 hair, hairstyle, genetics, female
Bike racks by adso9965
Sims 3 bike, racks, objects
Pose set Men magic by Neka-mew
Sims 3 poses, custom
Stool Satu by Latoya
Sims 3 stool, furniture, object
Mr Roboto - Blackjack croupier by CFP
Sims 3 blackjack, croupier, robot
Flower Nectar Lip Gloss by AlgA
Sims 3 lips, lipstick, lipgloss, makeup, fashion, female
Mona Lisa by melaschroeder
Sims 3 sims, female

Fashion: / sims

Dress Tenderness by bukovka
Sims 3 dress, outfit, clothing, female, fashion

Fashion: / clothing

Honey Eyeshadow by Pralinesima
Sims 3 eyeshadow, makeup, female, fashion
Embellished Leather Top & Pants (Teen) - Set110 by ekinege
Sims 3 outfit, clothing, female, fashion

Fashion: / clothing

Under The Sun - Hairstyle Set by Cazy
Sims 3 hair, hairstyle, genetics, fashion, female
Cap Modern Living by riccinumbers
Sims 3 livingroom, furniture, objects, decor
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